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Messianic Sabbath

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Following are some resources and information regarding the observance of the Sabbath within a Messianic perspective.  New resources will be added as they become available.  We recommend you check back regularly.

Erev Shabbat and Shabbat Blessings

Restoration Ministries makes this Messianic Siddur available for download or printing for no charge.  It contains many helpful prayers and blessings, including those typically included on the Sabbath for use either in your home or within a congregation.  It includes the blessings in Hebrew, English and the transliterated Hebrew pronunciations.
The Erev Shabbat Siddur starts on page 11.
The Shabbat Siddur starts on page 40.

Sabbath Readings and Torah Cycle

Lion & Lamb Ministries puts out an easy reference guide for the weekly Torah and Haftarah readings, plus relevant readings from the Apostolic Scriptures, organized by the Gregorian date (column to the right).

Blog:  The Blessing of the Sabbath

The Sabbath – we think of the Jewish day of rest, or maybe any day when we’re not working, or the day we attend church.  Yeshua says of the Sabbath, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.” (Mark 2:27).  The Sabbath is one of the blessings God made for mankind to enjoy.  He practiced it Himself on the seventh day of creation.  Was God tired?  Had all the work He’d done on the first six days worn Him out?  I can imagine it could, but no — God created it along with the world and its inhabitants as a gift to man, animals and the land.

A day, 24 hours, of no work — to most people that is a luxury.  When I first got a hold of the concept that the Sabbath was to be a blessing for man, and decided to try it, it was difficult.  My orientation to life is being productive, efficient, always making progress on projects, never an idle moment.  I tried to distract myself with Christian TV shows, Bible study, going to church, napping.  But I found I was mostly concentrating on not doing things, instead of enjoying what I was doing without feeling guilty.  I had even worked extra hard in order to carve out a day that I could do no work.  That was good practice, but it felt more like I was serving the Sabbath, not it serving me.  Read more…

Blog: Alignment with God’s Promises Brings God’s Blessings

God has promised us so many blessings in His word.  Many of these are conditional – that is, they require something of us in order for God’s full blessing to be released.  Some of the most familiar are the “be-attitudes”:  “Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.  Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.  Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.”  (Matthew 5:7-9)

There are three promises I’ve decided to make a pursuit of mine in recent years — promises of blessings that require my action.  These are probably some of the most explicit promises of blessing in the Bible, yet possibly some of the most overlooked.  I began pursuing these three within a few months of each other.  Not too long afterward I felt showered in unexpected blessings.  Read more…

Book: Sabbath, A Gift of Time

If you find it difficult to set aside time for the important things in life: God, family, self this is a must read for you. Bonnie Saul Wilks encourages us to celebrate the Sabbath and enjoy the rest God intended for us. This book provides a foundation for those who are unfamiliar with the history, traditions and practice of Shabbat as well as the how-to of celebrating this important time in home life. It even includes recipes for cooking and especially the challah bread recipe.

Messianic Feasts / Holy Days

This page includes a list of the Biblically commanded Feasts and Holy Days, their dates for this year, articles about each one, and a quick reference guide to refer to during the year.

Other Recommended Resources

This page includes  links to resources and teachers I’ve found helpful in my Messianic journey.

Saturday or Sunday Sabbath?  I recommend:

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