A daily break to celebrate our salvation in Yeshua (Jesus) and our abundant life through the Torah

What would you learn if you could listen to God’s heart?

What would you learn if you could listen to God’s heart?  What would you hear if you could put your ear against the wall of the throne room?  What would you see if you could peer into the Holy of Holies?

A few years ago, as part of my job responsibilities, I was handed a project that would temporarily dominate my life, requiring early mornings and late nights.  One of the things that had to flex was my daily devotional time.  I would barely have time for meals and a full night’s sleep.

Frustrated, I decided I would somehow at least spend a few minutes each day alone with Yeshua.  Unfortunately, those few ended up being the very last minutes of the day as I got my first break just before falling asleep each night.  With no energy left, I would close my eyes and with nothing to give and no requests, I would practically fall into Yeshua’s arms and soak in true rest until I fell asleep.

When the month ended and the project was finally completed, I could resume my normal routine, including an hour a day for my devotions – which now seemed like a luxury!  But as I went back to my previous devotional activities, I realized something was missing.  What about my time with Yeshua – my true rest in him?  I realized I had discovered a new way of being with Him – a path beyond worship, prayer requests, Bible reading and topical studies.  In fact, being in His presence seemed to be the essence of what I truly sought in all those activities.

So I decided to give an hour a week to just being with Him – well, that’s how it started out anyway.  As I made time every week (more than just the last minutes of the day) and listened with no agenda, I soon learned Yeshua has quite a bit to share that all my studies and prayer will never uncover.  The Holy Spirit began to share insights I would have never looked for; things that had been disconnected now became clear; the meaning of events that happened earlier in my week or month were brought into perspective; new insight and understanding about the nature of God was revealed.  I learned the truth of Jeremiah 33:3, “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know,” – things we can only learn by calling on Him.  Years later, every time I make time to listen, I am never disappointed.

Every one of us has not only an open invitation, but a faithful God, eager to share Himself with us if we will just close our mouths and open our ears, spirits and hearts to Him.

“The secret of the Lord is for those who fear Him, and He will make them know His covenant.” Psalm 25:14.

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